The Computer Docís Bio


    Dave built his first computer when he was in high school (way back in the original Star Wars days). He graduated from Central Michigan University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. (That was where he met his wife, Nancy, when he was a computer consultant in the Ronan Computer Lab and she was typing late-night papers for her teaching classes.)

Dave worked for Star Publications for four years. He started as the night composition supervisor and worked his way up to be the Composition Manager for their main Gaylord office. He was in charge of all their computers and software as well as the composition staff that created all of the ads and prepress work for four of their tabloid-size newsprint buyers guides. During this time, Dave became in charge of their website. This is when Dave learned HTML by teaching himself using books, reference CDs and websites. He used what he learned to teach a composition person to be the web designer who later completely redesigned their website. Dave also finished his degree while working full time at Star Publications.

Dave worked for Rogers City Schools for two years as their District Technology Coordinator. He was in charge of all computers in the entire school district.

Dave worked as the Information Systems Manager for Upper Michigan Newspapers for 3 years. He made IS purchases, set up computers and peripherals, fixed it all, installed hardware and software, planned for future purchases, and did network administration. 

He has completed classes toward Windows 2000 certification.

Dave enjoys installing "kid" software for his two children.  He loves surfing the net with them, and especially their favorite site,

Dave "volunteers" his services at  St. Mary Cathedral Schools, at a deeply discounted rate, to help upgrade and maintain their computers.