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Welcome to the user-friendly website of Dave The Computer Doc.  We have made a transition from being a side business to being a full time business. Our mission is still to provide computer assistance for your home and business using easy-to-understand terminology. We provide this assistance through this free online clinic and more extensively through reasonably priced house calls.

Dave the Computer Doc makes house calls in Gaylord, Michigan and the Northern Michigan area to provide computer help to those in need. From memory upgrades to removing nasty viruses, Dave does it all.

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Use The Docís Bio and The Docís Specialties to read about Daveís many qualifications.

Check out the House Call Map to see if youíre in Daveís driving range. If youíre not, just click on the Email The Doc button and make an appointment to drop off your computer.

In Daveís Discussion Groups youíll find answers to all your computer ailments. Just type in your question. Dave will provide an answer. Itís that simple. You can also answer questions yourself, and add to ongoing discussions.

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This clinic is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You donít need an appointment, just web-surf to davethecomputerdoc.com and youíll find instant cures for all of your computer-related illnesses (nasty viruses included)!

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